Tijdens het lopen wordt er regelmatig verwezen naar onze statuten. Daarin staan alle normen en waarden van LUL. Binnenkort zullen de statuten op deze plaats gepubliceerd worden zodat iedereen precies weet waar LUL voor staat.

Gelukkig is het internet een geweldige bron voor allerlei informatie. Vooralsnog volstaan we daarom met onderstaande wedstrijdetiquette. Het is in het Engels maar dat geeft het om één of andere reden nog meer cachet:

1.  Do not cheat. Do not cheat on your registration form. Indicating one’s actual AGE is the most abused data on the registration form where cheating is done.

2.  Do not cheat. Do not make “shortcuts” on road races. Do not ride on vehicles in full marathon races.

3.  Do not cheat. Do not steal ones race number, finish time, or “leap frog” other runners after the finish line.

4.  In your practice runs, smile and greet runner's you meet along the way. If you don’t want to smile or greet, a simple waving of the hand to a runner you meet is enough.

5.  In a road race, do not cut abruptly infront of the runner you are trying to overtake. Make some hand signals if you have any intention of overtaking or changing your running directions while on a road race.

6.  Look around before you spit while running. Better yet, do not spit while running.

7.  Do not push the runner infront of you once the starting gun had been fired.

8.  Say positive and encouraging words to fellow runners along the way.

9.  Look around before throwing your cups with some water in it. The water might spill on somebody’s shoes.

10. Do not overtake any runner once you are already inside the finish “chute” after passing the finish line.

11.  If you are not registered in the race, do not steal any runner’s number and timing “chip”.

12.  If you think you are an elite runner, position yourself nearest the starting line but if you think you are an average runner, position yourself at the middle of the pack. If you are a “first timer” in a road race and has the objective to finish the race, it would be better to position yourself at the back of the pack. If you are a “walker or slow jogger”, the farthest back of the pack is the best place for you to start the race.

13.  If possible, do not cross the starting line before the start of the race.

14.  If you are annoyed or disturbed with somebody trying to start a conversation with you while on a road race, be polite and make some “actions” that you are concentrated and focused to your goal.

15.  If you finished the race and submitted your race number tag, do not wander around the area before the finish line or within the route. Better yet, to have yourself away from the finish line. 

16.  Running should be fun. Think of yourself and route as your “opponents” in every race.

17.  Train for excellence and improvement. Be patient in training and think positive.

18.  Running is a “social sports”. Be friendly with other runners. If there are “guest runners” from other countries, try to talk with them and praise/commend them for visiting our country.

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